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The waterproofing membrane epoxy is incredibly elastomeric by nature. It contains the wáter when turned up the wall at the cove base. It forms a leakproof barrier that other types of epoxy can be installed over. This Waterproofing also acts as a crack-bridging technology because of its elastomeric properties. Epoxy Solutions™ resins are used broadly as coatings and as waterproofing in many industries, including home construction, rooftop palapas and elevated balconies and parking structures. This gives added high-impact strength and abrasion resistance and will replenish and restore surfaces for years.

Epoxy Solutions™ waterproofing resin is used to coat and seal surfaces to provide protection not only from moisture but also provides an impact and corrosion-resistant barrier protecting the concrete substrates from corrosive elements (oil, solvents, acids) and wear and tear.

 We will accurately specify the correct solutions for every environment. Our goal is to install the right tailor-made flooring solution for your facility that will deliver untold years of trouble-free service.