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Commercial kitchens require flooring that is easy to maintain, durable, and has excellent chemical resistance against animal fats, grease, oil, sugar, salt , acids and alkali, harsh detergents and degreasers. These floors are also susceptible to hot liquid spills and, therefore, must also possess a tolerance to heat and thermal shock.

These floors, when properly specified, can be installed tight to drains and up the walls to form a cove base. The combination of an integral cove base makes these seamless floors the only option for creating and maintaining a superior sanitary environment. They will be resistant against staining, mold, fungus, bacteria, dirt and other microbes that tend to collect in cracks and grout lines, commonly found in tile floors.

Restaurant and food service floors are often coated in grease and oil, making them prone to slip and fall accidents. In these instances, optional non-slip additives can be incorporated into the flooring system for safety purposes.

Epoxy Solutions™ identifies that every concrete surface is subject to unique operating and environmental conditions. We collaborate, with you the client, to gather all the necessary information and then combine that with our extensive years of experience to provide you with the best ‘tailor made’ solution for all your unique needs.

We will accurately specify the correct solutions for every environment. This means we are free to shop for the best possible materials at the best possible prices. Our goal is to install the right tailor made coating solution for your facility that will deliver untold years of trouble-free service.

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