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The pharmaceutical industry operates on the cutting edge of science, transforming and saving lives in previously unimaginable ways. Properly specified high-performance flooring is essential for pharmaceutical production plants, research and development labs and other facilities in order to maintain their strict hygiene and safety protocols.

These hygienic floors are formulated to be highly resistant to many chemicals used in various pharmaceutical processes as well having the ability to fight bacteria, a characteristic commonly referred to as anti microbial.

Anti-slip and decorative systems provide options for high visibility and high traffic areas.

Epoxy Solutions™ identifies that every concrete surface is subject to unique operating and environmental conditions. We collaborate, with you the client, to gather all the necessary information and then combine that with our extensive years of experience to provide you with the best ‘tailor made’ solution for all your unique needs.

We will accurately specify the correct solutions for every environment. This means we are free to shop for the best possible materials at the best possible prices. Our goal is to install the right tailor made coating solution for your facility that will deliver untold years of trouble-free service.

Recommended Floor Systems:

ESI - 5000
ESI - 9000