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Welcome to Cabo Solar, a greener way forward

Join millions of Canadians in making the environmental, economical, and sustainable switch to solar power. The new Federal Greener Homes Grant is an initiative aimed to assist you with getting solar panels on your roof, and to be more energy efficient.

Cabo Solar offers high quality, affordable solar energy solutions.

Additionally, we can assist you in understanding the initiative, learning how solar panels work, and provide you with tools so you can see just how much money you can save.


Let's get started!

Choose the option right for you to equip your home with solar energy;


Solar energy and "the grid"

When you install solar panels on your home the electricity that is generated will offset costs  you would normally incur using the utility grid. The number and size of solar panels you put on your home influences how much electricity they can produce. A power monitor is available, we recommend it if you want to see and record the amount of power generated by your system.

Here is an example of standard home that uses 3.0 kW/hour of electricity.

A small 4 panel DIY system producing 1.75 kW/hour of power will reduce your grid consumption to 1.25 kW/hour of electricity. This "daytime" electricity is also the most expensive hydro you are buying, as such, you are now saving the most money possible per kW.

Note energy production is highest in summer. Solar panels do not work at night or if covered in snow.


How to benefit from the grant

  1. Register for the Greener Homes Grant
  2. Book an Energy Audit for Your Home
  3. Purchase and Install Solar Panels
  4. Book a Energy Audit Review for Your Home
  5. Collect Your Reimbursement!