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Welcome to Epoxy Solutions

Roger K Hildebrand established this company in 1981 in Calgary and reincorporated in Ontario in 1986. In that time he has worked for thousands of clients in hundreds of towns and cities across North America. He is a Licensed Red Seal Journeymen painter since 1981 and NACE Certified Coatings Inspector since 1999; which ensures proper procedures and industry codes are followed and maintained at the highest level.

We pride ourselves in the ability to supply and install the very best and safest resinous flooring materials in the world, plus we travel all across Canada and the USA delivering a high performance flooring experience matched by no other company in this industry. We employ only highly skilled tradesmen with extensive training and experience to ensure that our client’s floors look amazing and perform beyond expectation. We can also guarantee that every installation against delamination longer and with less issues making OUR GUARANTEE one of the best guarantees in the business.

We are committed to ensuring that resinous flooring specifications are accurate, up to date and in the client’s best interest for long-term performance. We use the most environmentally safe products because the human cost is the highest cost. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water so environment and safety concerns are the number one priority at Epoxy Solutions!


The number one problem in the industry today is a lack of responsibility by the product manufacturers. They all say their epoxy or urethane is the best but when an issue arises they all start pointing fingers at the installer saying there must have been a problem with the installation or the environment at time of install.

Litigation is often required to hold manufacturers accountable, but litigation is not profitable. The end client also does not want to be involved in litigation. They just want it fixed ~ Epoxy Solutions will fix it at no additional charge. 

Let Epoxy Solutions deal with it privately.



What the industry needs is single source installation.

Installation of high quality products that when there is an issue, the specifying company, Epoxy Solutions, takes responsibility for the supply and installation for every job. Epoxy Solutions is the answer!

Epoxy Solutions specifies our ESI (Epoxy Solutions Industrial) branded products; which have been extensively used and tested by our associates for decades, to provide a consistent, superior high performance floor.


My name is Roger Hildebrand and I started at the age of 12 in the painting/wood finishing industry in the early 70’s by finishing Kitchen Cabinets for my fathers company in Fergus, Ontario. In those days, applications were all done by hand. Lead paint was still being used and all paint was solvent based and therefore high in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Lacquer was being sprayed without masks mostly because they were very expensive. Technology and safety had not caught up to demand and very little precaution was taken preserving one’s health and wellness, let alone the environment. Sandblasting was done using silica sand (associated with silicosis & lung cancer) and urethanes where very high in isocyanates (linked to brain and lung cancers). There were very few health and safety regulations by today’s standards, mostly because of an unwillingness to change.

The “We Have Been Doing It This Way For Years” mentality prevailed.

As a testament to the above, I would like to pay homage to my former journeyman master painter instructor, Mr. Don O’Brien. He always ensured I wore a mask and that the filters were good, when I worked with him, even though he did not. Don died in 1986 at the age of 42 from lung disease brought on by excessive inhalation of solvent vapour and lacquer particulate without a mask.

Lets all thank the universe that things are different now. Today I am 56, in very good health and still love my job. I have to say I am not in the field any more applicating paint or epoxy like I used to. I now have several associates who work under me doing the work in a highly skilled manner and training the next generations of applicators.

Back in 1999 when we launched our first web site it was an outlet for information that just was not present at the time. I strove to educate architects, general contractors and anyone who wanted info on coatings and lining. I became a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Certified Coating Inspector #5705 mainly so people would listen and have confidence in what I was saying.

I strive to use the best and safest high quality high performance products available today to ensure a project is completed without compromising the project quality and ensuring that the safety of my staff and the environment are upheld. My promise to the customers is this:

  1. Epoxy Solutions shall use the most environmentally safe products whenever possible.
  2. We source the world for theses products and have them manufactured for us under strict environmental controls.
  3. That our product line is as LEED compliant as we can make a product that comes from fossil fuels.
  4. That all our epoxies are solvent free.
  5. That our clean up solvent is water or IPA isopropyl alcohol.
  6. That our fleet of vehicles run on PROPANE fuel which contributes 1/100th the amount of CO2 emissions as gasoline does to the environment.
  7. That our carbon foot print is further reduced by a 15 kw photovoltaic solar array system on the roof of our shop to reduce our reliance on electricity.
  8. We maintain an extensive recycling program implemented at our facility to reuse, reduce and recycle paint cans, concrete dust, leftover products and reduce the need to landfill any of these items.
  9. Lastly through proper NACE inspection, specification review and sourcing we can extend the life of your systems saving you the unnecessary headache of resurfacing before its time.

My goal is simple; lets do what we do, to the best of our ability and reduce the environmental impact as much as possible! We all share this planet and it will take a little bit from everyone to really make a big difference.